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T G Asset Management Service

T G Securities Limited's parent company, Quantsmile (HK) Limited, is a corporation licensed and permitted by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to conduct Type 9 (asset management) regulated activity. Its mission is to become one of the leading asset management firms in Asia, managing investment portfolios for corporations, institutional investors, high net worth individuals and retail investors. Its investment team understands that investors are not just content to beat the index but also require positive absolute return.  We aim to offer investors an extensive range of innovative and relevant funds and services to help them achieve their investment objectives.  Our strong experience in this field will save the time of investors in managing money and help them maximize their wealth.  We also put particular efforts to ensure that investors receive the help and information they want promptly and efficiently.

Professional Management
We have professional advisors to help investors plan for their investment portfolio step by step.  Through in-depth discussion, we will evaluate the financial situation and risk tolerance of investors.  Then, taking into consideration of individual investor's investment risk profile, time horizon, existing portfolio structure as well as future investment objectives and priorities, we will suggest and make investment options that meet investors need. 
Successful investing also requires the discipline of process.  The investment proposals provided by Quantsmile (HK) Limited are supported by scrupulous processes specifically developed by each specialist team member.  Its professional investment team is supported by a central infrastructure providing cutting edge technology, risk analysis and deal execution as well as professional client management; this therefore allows the investment team to concentrate on identifying investment options best suited for the investor within their own sphere of excellence.
Substantial Research Support
We follow a rigorous and systematic process to build our investment ideas into portfolios that benefit our clients. The substantial support of our specialists and analysts enables us to search out opportunities, then conduct comprehensive research on individual companies in various sectors and incorporate these into efficient portfolios using the most modern valuation techniques, best practice fund construction and risk control technology.
T G Discretionary Portfolio Management Service
T G Securities Limited offers Discretionary Portfolio Management Service to investors. It specializes in developing tailor-made investment portfolios to meet requirements of different risk tolerant investors.  Some clients may choose a combination of regional and global equities, while others may prefer exposure only to the Hong Kong and/or Mainland China markets.  T G Discretionary Portfolio Management Service seeks to create profitable partnership with clients. Our licensed professionals have comprehensive understanding of the prevailing financial market situations.  This enables them to manage client's portfolios efficiently.  While our clients focus on their daily lives and works, they can rest assured to rely on our expertise to make investment on their behalf.
Please refer to the PowerPoint file for details.
Benefits for using our discretionary portfolio management service
  • Pursuing absolute return
  • No initial charge
  • No management fee
  • Low transaction cost
  • Performance fee charged only positive return reaching a specified level
  • Using fundamental analysis to explore neglected undervalued shares
  • Using CAPM model to optimize return
  • Asset and geographical diversification
  • Tailor made investment portfolio
  • Entry investment amount as little as HK$300,000 only
Four Steps to open and maintain a Discretionary Account
     1. Sign an agreement and deposit investment amount.
     2. Evaluate your financial situation and risk tolerance.
     3. Continuous management of the portfolio.
     4. Annual review on clients investment goals and objectives.
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