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General Information

1. Why should I use T G Securities Limited ("T G") to manage my investments?

  • Because of its being managed by experienced professionals.
  • Because of accurate and reliable trade execution.
  • Because of low commissions.

2. What order placing channels can I have?

You can access your securities and/or futures account(s) via relationship manager and using the Internet as well as mobile phone from anywhere around the world.

3. Which T G services best suit my investment needs?

T G offers Hong Kong and overseas securities, Hong Kong and global futures, discretionary investment and asset management to meet your investment needs. Our relationship manager can assess your individual investment needs after being briefed your investment objectives and preferences.

Settlement - Cash Deposit and Withdrawal

4. How can I deposit funds to T G trading account?

T G Do Not accepts cash deposit, any enquiry please call 2869-8870.
When clients deposit funds to T G's bank accounts for fund deposit, you should write down your T G trading account number and name on the deposit slip, then fax it to 2140-7288 for verification.  When you deposit funds by means of cheques at our designated banks, all cheques should be made payable to "T G Securities Limited".  You should write down your name, trading account number and contact number at the back of the cheque.
5. How can I withdraw funds?

If you can send the withdrawal form to us before 12:00 noon of particular trading day, a cheque will be issued and deposited to your designated bank account (cheque deposit service only apply to single withdrawal amount HK$10,000 or more).  For Instruction received after 12:00 noon will be process on the next working day.  Client may choose to pick up the cheque at our office or we can send the cheque to you by post upon request within the office hour.  If the withdrawal fund is required to bank in a third party, client should fill and submit the original withdrawal form to us.  After confirmation of the information and signature specimen filled on the withdrawal form, we will deposit the specific amount of money to the bank account you requested (this deposit service only apply to single withdrawal amount HK$10,000 or more).

Trading fees and other charges

6. What are the commission rate and other charges for the trading account?

Please go to T G website and choose "Download Forms" to get the "Tariff and other charges" for reference, or you may contact your account executive to get the details and offer from our company.
Trading Account Operation
7. How to open a trading account with T G?

Please download the account opening form (individual/joint account or corporate account) from T G website, filled in the forms and bring it together with the necessary documents to our company within the office hour to open the trading account.
8. How to open an internet trading account with T G?

If you have a trading account with T G, simply go to our website and download the internet trading agreement, sign the aggreement and return it to us for approval. Once approved, you will get the login ID; few days later you will receive another mail with your login password printed in it for you to access to the internet trading account.
If you do not have a T G trading account, please download and fill in the account opening form and internet agreement, then bring the necessary documents to us. Once approved, you will get you account number and the login ID; few days later you will receive another mail with your login password printed in it for you to access to the internet trading account.
Note: Two working days (Hong Kong Time) are required for the general account opening process.  In order to trade with your T G trading account, please ensure there is sufficient amount at your trading account.
9. Why should I choose iTraderTM?

You can place order via iTraderTM at T G website, view your cash and stock balances, and request funds transfer.  Online Trading Clients can access to T G online trading account anytime anywhere.
10. Why should I choose e-statement?

Choosing e-statement helps to protect our environment by reducing the use of natural resources.  Apart from reducing the use of paper, by choosing T G e-statement you do not have to wait for the post, you can receive your new statement once is issued; you can also save your e-statement at your computer from the hassle to filing piles of paper statements.
Are you ready and willing to play your part to protect our environment?
Please download the change in personal information form, fill in the information and return to us.
    Please read our Privacy and Disclaimer information.