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Professional Management Team

Mr. Douglas Chan  Managing Director

Mr. Douglas Chan has devoted himself in the securities industry since 1987, and has over 20 years of experience in the field in the US and Hong Kong.  He has been the Managing Director of T G Securities Limited ("T G") since 2004.  He is also a founder of eBroker Systems (the online trading system of T G) and the Chairman of eBroker Systems since 2000.  Prior to founding eBroker Systems, he was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs and helped set up its Asian Equity Derivatives business in 1994.  He was also a member of Goldman's prestigious Quantitative Strategies group founded by Fischer Black and was responsible for developing various Global Trading and Risk Management systems for its Equity Derivatives.  In 1995, he was assigned as a Market Maker at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong on stock options traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.  In addition, he was a Manager at Solomon Brothers from 1989 to 1991, and a Vice President at Bear Stearns between 1987 and 1989.

He received his Master degree from New York University and Bachelor degree (as the Valedictorian) from University at Stony Brook.
Dr. Kevin Cheng   Managing Director
Dr. Kevin Cheng is the Managing Director of T G in securities, futures and asset management.  Cheng has extensive experience in futures/options, related risk management and investor education.  He was a former Vice President of BOC International Holdings Limited in risk management and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited in market and product development in derivatives and financial products, investor education and economic analysis.  He also worked in the Treasury Department of the Westpac Banking Corporation in Sydney, and the Planning Department of the HSBC Group.
Furthermore, Cheng and Professor Raymond Chiang jointly published a book "Analysing Futures and Options" to enhance the understanding of the investing public on derivative products.  He was a former Government appointed member of the Banking and Finance Training Board at Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong, and served as a member of the Professional Education Committee at the Hong Kong Securities Institute.

Cheng has a PhD degree in Finance and Decision Sciences from Hong Kong Baptist University, and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from York University in Canada.
Ms. Amy Cheung   Senior Head of Trading Operations
Ms. Amy Cheung is the Senior Head of Trading Operations of T G since 2004 and is responsible for the trading in Hong Kong index futures and options, Hong Kong stocks, warrants and stock options. Since 2005, she has been performing a Market Maker role in stock options for the firm. Cheung is also responsible for formulating staff policy and addressing HR issues.
She has a Master degree from New York University and a Bachelor's Degree from University at Stony Brook.
Mr. Thomas Yan  Financial Controller   
Mr. Thomas Yan has over 20 years of experience in financial and general management. He is the Financial Controller of TG, responsible for the Group’s finance and secretarial functions.
He has a Master of Arts degree in International Accounting from City University of Hong Kong, and is a member of CPA Australia and HKICPA. He is also a CFA holder.
Previously, he has held senior position in asset management companies for eight years in areas of finance, operations and compliance.
Mr. Edmond Po   Associate Director, Sales and Operations
Mr. Edmond Po is the Associate Director, Sales and Operations, of T G. He is responsible for the business development and daily operations of the company. Po joined the banking and the securities industry since 1990. He has ample experience in investment products, including equities, bonds and structured products.
Po was a former Vice President of the Wealth Management Group of Fubon Bank. He also worked as a Vice President in the Equity Business Department of BOCOM International Securities Limited.
He has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Lingnan University, Hong Kong.
Dr. Maxwell Shi  Financial Engineer
Dr. Maxwell Shi graduated with a PhD degree in Physical Electronics at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and then, joined T G in 2004 as a Financial Engineer of the company.  Having a broad experience in numerical modelling and simulation, Shi is responsible for the field of financial engineering of the company.  He has already published more than 10 papers of data processing by neural network, generic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm, etc.
Currently Shi is focusing on algorithm trading in futures and stocks, and quantitative stock selection model.
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